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Through the portal of your energy field (photo) I am able to connect with that greater part of you — call it HigherSelf, Angels, Intuition — whatever your belief system.

During your phone appointment, you may ask questions (health, finances, relationships etc). As it's impossible to think your way into clarity, this information offers you a much bigger perspective. Every session is unique, but I will most likely incorporate remote viewing/testing, 
broadcast color frequencies, connect & transmit guidance. 


Still in body or transitioned, 2 or 4 legged, it works the same and is a natural evolution of the healing work I've offered for 25 years in a clinical setting, or as an Animal Communicator. Many think this is even more powerful.

I personally agree, as I now easily go into a light trance state, infinitely clearer without 3D distractions.

Call or e-mail me to set up an appointment and we will begin the discovery of your extra-ordinary!



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“Your readings are so accurate, it’s a little uncanny at times.” — S Green, CA

“As a holistic vet, I’ve sold hundreds of your RAINBOW sprays to animals that are traumatized by thunderstorms & lightning. It works like a charm.” — Dr. P Fisher DMV, OH

“I have found Lynn Younger to be a healer of the highest order. Her skill in using lights & color is enhanced by her innate knowing of what the body needs. This rare gift of seeing/feeling makes her work remarkable. I am filled with gratitude to Lynn as she effectively heals in this non-invasive way, even long-distance. Amazing!”  — P Cook, AZ

“Lynn Younger & her products are truly a gift. My name is Carolyn Love and I have a Holistic Veterinary Practice in Austin, Texas. I have personally used Lynn for my own pets, & myself, with good results for a number of years. I have referred clients to her as well." 


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